NANO-ScreenMaker GF 2-2-11 57327 copy

5 in 1 screenmaking & exposing system

A breakthrough product by Grafica, this system saves space, saves time, and saves money. It makes you a better printer by providing complete control over your screenmaking and stencil production, all in a compact area. Check it out:

Stretch and glue your own frames -includes tension meter

Adjustable screenholder allows precision 2 handed coating, includes coating trough

Screens dry quickly in the heated dust free light safe cabinet

Expose perfectly using a vacuum frame, light integrator and metal halide point light source

Inspect your stencil or films using the backlight drawer

Fits screens up to 34 x40 ”

Rolls on Castors, No expensive wiring.


5 in 1 Video

5 in 1 Screenmaker Brochure


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