Innovative screenprinting equipment for innovative people.

TMI Screenprinting equipment offers a range of production screen printing machines and accessories from select manufacturers around the world including ATMA and SPS cylinder presses. We match customer needs and budgets, from basic hand setups through large format automated printing systems.

Our machines are used every day in a diverse range of separate industries – screenprinting fine art, posters & graphics, decorating glass doors, architectural panels made of glass, wood, metal & plastic, ceramic tiles, textiles & fabrics, election and real estate signs, metal road signs, control panels, electronics, medical devices, wooden boxes….

From touch pads on cell phones to rockposters, and everything in between.

Go ahead. Dream it. TMI can help you print it.

Who we are, where we are, and what we do

TMI Screenprinting Equipment is a Canadian company based on Vancouver Island working with a group of dedicated manufacturers, fabricators, technicians and training consultants. We deliver increased production and improved quality to our worldwide customer base through innovative machines and training.

We will help you move from idea to prototype, and prototype to production. From no print , to hand print, to automating your screenprinting.

We represent manufacturing facilities in Canada, USA, India, China, and Mexico.

Screenprinting – A multi-talented process

As a graphic medium it offers brighter and more durable colors, a range of special effects ink, and ability to image the widest range of materials.
As a fabric printing medium, it is both the cheapest method of printing medium to large quantities, and the most durable.

As a manufacturing process almost every electronic and consumer device relies on screenprinting, either for creating touchscreens, circuits, controls, or labelling. It's solar cells. It's de-fibrulator pads. It's the heater on the back window of your car and the ceramic tile on your floor.

Learn to Screenprint at Squeegeeville

TMI owner Andy MacDougall, ASPT runs the popular website, and is the author of Screenprinting Today, the Basics.

Squeegeeville runs workshops and training courses for beginners and advanced learners. From April through September, check out the monthly group courses held at the Squeegeeville studio on Vancouver Island. Remote courses and in-plant training are available year round.

Intro group class schedule for 2012 will be available on the Squeegeeville website in Feb 2012. more