The all new Nano Print Plus

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Nano PLUS Semi-automatic screen press

Innovative design, top quality components, high production speeds and printer friendly operation are only 4 of the many pluses. The new Nano PLUS is the machine to get when upgrading your screen printing.

Nano Printex automated textile press from TMI Screenprinting

Automatic, Presses

NEW Nano printex automated textile press

Over 2 years in development, and record sales in S. Asia, we are happy to announce the Nano Printex is now available in North America. Loaded with features at a great introductory price.

GreenScreen by Sefar

GreenScreen Restretchable screen system

A new screen system by Sefar saves both money and time, giving you fresh screens when you need them, not when your supplier gets around to your order.



Compact UV dryer by Grafica

Our new line of smaller format Grafica UV dryers are perfect for the lab or the print shop floor and will dry UV inks on a range of materials. Table top and freestanding models are available from 4" up to 24" wide belts.

NANO-ScreenMaker GF 2-2-11 57327 copy

Exposing Systems

5 in 1 screenmaking & exposing system

A breakthrough product by Grafica, this system saves space, saves time, and saves money. It makes you a better printer by providing complete control over your screenmaking and stencil production, all in a compact area.


Special effects printing

Special Effects Inks - new to North America!

With a screen press and a UV dryer, you can now add an incredible range of special effects to your product line with minimal investment in specialized converting equipment. Offset printers, digital printers - make your products stand out and sparkle.

Wicket Dryer


Wicket Dryer

Our automated wicket dryer is a unique production solution to the challenges of slow drying sheet substrates. The length and capacity can be varied to suit the customer's requirements, with room to grow.

Swing Cylinder Press

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Grafica swing cylinder press

Fully automated cylinder presses provide high speed single colour/coating of flexible stocks. Tight register, blinding speed, and incredible detail are all characteristics of this type of screenprinting solution.

NPL Flyer Plus

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Combination Offer: Press, UV dryer, 5 in 1 screenmaker, & squeegee sharpener

Take advantage of our special package offers to get you upgraded. Choose from either the Nano (15x20"/18" dryer) or the Nano PLUS (22x28"/24" UV dryer) Save over $5,000 and bring automation and control into your production facility. Perfect for inhouse screen operations.

Parallel lifting is the solution!


Jaguar airlift one arm for large format printing

Air driven parallel lift one arm presses are the perfect solution for short runs or working on difficult to handle materials. Quick setups, up to 3" of lift adjustment for thick materials, micro register, and ergonomic design make large format printing jobs easy.


Automatic, Clamshell, Presses

Nano mini clamshell semi automatic screen press

Finally - Grafica presents the Nano in North America. This mighty-mite press has swept numerous awards in Asia where it has revolutionized screenshops as they switch from manual printing over to automatic.

Rabbit vacuum screen press


RABBIT manual vacuum table

Working in the home, school, or studio? Only printing small runs and simple designs? The RABBIT vacuum hand presses are affordable and easy to print on. Available in 2 sizes, literally thousands of these are in use - a favorite of the Rock Poster crowd and DIYers.

Heavy Duty and PAPI exposing units

Exposing Systems

Eagle exposing systems

The Eagle line of exposing systems include 4 basic types, and range in size from 39x49" up to 10' x 22'. Some have self contained UV fluorescent tube lighting, and some require separate point light sources.

Serpent UV dryer


Serpent UV dryers

Serpent UV dryers are made for a variety of drying jobs in screenprinting and offset production facilities. From 12-60" in width, as well as a 3D container drying unit, these give good value and deliver low maintenance costs.

one arm

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USED Equipment

A listing of available machines from customers and our dealer network. We also source used machines and offer rebuilding and technical repair services on a range of makes and models.